Causes of the First Leak: Why Children and Families Do Not Enter Kindergarten Prepared for Success

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  • Limited capacity of caregivers to provide strong learning experiences in the home

  • Undiagnosed social-emotional needs

  • Limited preschool enrollment/attendance

  • Uneven preschool quality

  • Lack of medical home

The Repairs Ensuring that Children and Families Enter Kindergarten Prepared for Success

  • Supporting local pediatricians to use routine medical check-ups as opportunities to encourage families to read to young children

  • Hosting community breakfasts at school sites that expose parents to activities that support children’s early brain development

  • Providing books and incentives to parents who accept the challenge to read "1,000 Books Before Kindergarten" with their children

  • Working with local universities to align teaching and learning across preschool, transitional kindergarten, and kindergarten classrooms.

  • Providing access to parenting, family literacy, and kinder readiness workshops

  • Providing access to services for early diagnosis and treatment of social-emotional problems through developmental screenings

  • Supporting local family child-care providers through a series of workshops to strengthen early learning experiences for the children in their care

  • Providing access to books for home libraries through all of the above.