Causes of the Third Grade Leak: Children Do Not Finish Third Grade Reading Proficiently

  • Children enter kindergarten unprepared for success
  • Children do not complete grades K-2 reading at grade level
  • Chronic absenteeism is greatest in the early grades
  • Practices and resources in the home often do not reinforce and sometimes diminish learning at school
  • Teacher capacity to deliver strong instruction is uneven
  • School leaders struggle to implement systems, structures, and practices that support consistently strong teaching  and learning
  • Limited learning opportunities when school is not in session cause students to regress academically 

The Repairs Ensuring that Children Read Proficiently by the End of Third Grade

  • Forming principal networks, providing principal coaching, and hosting visits to high-performing schools 
  • Providing teachers with professional development in literacy instruction and assessment linked to learning standards
  • Bringing student teachers into the classroom to support small group instruction
  • Engaging K-3 parents in home-reading routines and other activities that support children’s literacy development
  • Providing social worker support to families of children in grades K-3 who are chronically absent