The Diamond Educational Excellence Partnership

Housed and incubated within the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation, the Diamond Educational Excellence Partnership (DEEP) is a collaborative undertaking of multiple partner organizations and community leaders who are committed to improving educational outcomes for students attending public schools in the Diamond Community, a cluster of neighborhoods in southeastern San Diego that is home to many of the city’s struggling schools.

From Cradle to College and Career

Children attending schools in the Diamond Community receive the supports needed to transition smoothly through critical junctures in the education pipeline including: entering kindergarten prepared to learn, reading proficiently by the end of third grade, completing middle school having mastered math and literacy skills necessary for success in high school, and graduating high school prepared for post- secondary study and the workplace.

Theory of Action


Building the capacity of families and other caregivers to support children’s kindergarten readiness.


Helping principals, teachers &  parents in ensuring the most effective in-school literacy support


Providing students with extended learning opportunities outside the school day