The Diamond Educational Excellence Partnership

The Diamond Educational Excellence Partnership (DEEP) is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that mobilizes partner organizations and community leaders around a coherent, research-informed theory of action to improve learning outcomes for students attending public schools in the Diamond Community, a cluster of neighborhoods in southeastern San Diego. 

From Cradle to College and Career

Supported by a network of partner organizations, children attending public schools in the Diamond Community enter kindergarten prepared for success and read proficiently by the end of third grade.  Southeast San Diego schools are also places where the best principals and teachers want to work because they are powerfully supported by community and places where parents want to send their children because families are deeply connected to schools and see their children achieve at high levels.

Theory of Action

Preparing for Kinder


Ensuring children engage in enriching early learning and healthy development experiences

Reading by Third Grade


Supporting High Quality In-School Early Literacy Instruction

Learning Beyond the Classroom


Ensuring that children engage in extended learning opportunities that expand upon in-school learning